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I will make this as brief as possible. I also, am not really into bragging on myself, so, I will tell you briefly how it is arrived at this point in my life.  

I grew up in a small town, Hendrum Minnesota, in northwest Minnesota. If you were to look at a map of Minnesota it would be straight north of Moorhead Mn on Hwy 75 about 30 miles. It is an area that is known as the Red River Valley. It is a former wet area, in many years past, called Lake Agassiz. It is a very rich soil, being a lake bottom, and so the main venture in that area is farming. It is a very narrow band but fairly long. I grew up in the country, worked on farms, and, in general had a good life, as a child. 

After going thru the things all children do, I was asked to join the Army. It was, at that time, a rather frightening experience, as the Vietnam War was still going on. I ended up knowing many who spent time there, and, many who did not, but, if you were in the Army at that time, you were touched by it, somehow, at a certain point.  

I made it thru that, spent some time in Germany, and, then was released from active duty.  

I made my way back to the area I grew up in, but, things had changed, or I had changed, so I stayed awhile, but, opportunities were few in those years, so, a band from Mpls/St Paul Mn. found me, not sure how, but, I ended up replacing their guitar player for a few shows, till they got back home. It was a good gig, and, got me involved with music as a profession. 

 It fails me now, what I did after that, but, I think I may have ended up in Rapid City, South Dakota, where I joined another band for awhile. I eventually found a lady at one of the towns I played in, and, after two weeks of knowing each other, we were married and are still together, today. It is funny how those things happen, but, when is meant to be it just happens. 

I then, after a few months, quit the music business for a few years, and then, went back to it for a couple years but at that time the road was getting harder, tho the money was good, so I decided that was enough of that. 

I got a real job, as they like to say, and have continued in that vein to this day.  

I really did not play much at all, for a period of ten or more years, oh you know, I would pick it up once in awhile, but, I seemed to have no real interest. It seems that when the computer era came about, and I found out, you could record at home the interest cam back, with a fervor. I had a period of about five or more years where I would record at least one song a day. 

At the wifes suggestion we went to Nashville and recorded the albums, not all at once, at Soundcontrol  Studio, owned Mark and Donna Moseley, people you can trust, and here we are.  

So in conclusion, it does not take long to write what you have done, but, it took many years to reach this point, but, it has been worth it. 

Here is hoping you enjoy the music, appreciate the time it takes to get here, and, above all have a great day. 

If you would have any questions, please feel free to email me at: at any time. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Casey Dilworth